Private Coaching - In Person or Online


Private Coaching is about development, not transformation.

Our goal is to help you build on your strength, not give you a whole new look. You’re successful—you’ve been talking since you were 2. So, Private Coaching is about helping you be better, your way—authentically.

Private Coaching is about building your skills, not an emotional pump-up.

Our goal is to give you the personal materials, skills, manuals, and worksheetsto be better year after year, without us. We are always available, but you’ll discover you don’t need us anymore. You’ll own the skills.

Private Coaching is about helping you grow in a safe, confidential environment.

You’re free to explore without worrying about others—just exploring for yourself. The studio is sound proof, your videos are private, your experience is personal—your time for you.


High-impact tools with proven track records

“Tools, not platitudes.”

Custom-tailored experience

“Focus, not formula.”

You’re not taking a course. You’re engaging in a personalized experience that’s tailored just for you — your priorities, your learning style, your speed.

Immediate, visible changes

“From within, not pasted on.”

You will see immediate changes that add clarity, vibrancy, and charisma to your natural style. Then, you’ll see how you can produce those behaviors on-demand, without me.

Sustained improvement

“Not just a blip.”

Next year, in five years, and in 20 years, you’ll be getting better and better. You’ll have the foundation you need to grow and grow — authentically.

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