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Coaching with impact

I deliver:

Analysis — The patterns of your natural style—not cheerleading and flattery.              

The Core-Satellite System — content and delivery in an ecosystem — not a quick-tip buffet.

Proven personalized coaching — 42 years of experience delivering accelerated, immediate and sustainable results—authentically—not “one size fits all.”

MY proven approach

My coaching is based on a unique methodology that’s been proven effective since 1979. I offer a personalized, structured approach to communications coaching – combining eLearning with customized private coaching and real-time video feedback.

Linkedin reviews

“Anett’s coaching transformed how I think about speaking, how I feel about speaking, and how I speak. . . more” Chief Technical Officer

“A passionate executive coach. . . more” VP HR, global food and beverage company

“Helps you eliminate anxieties and self-doubt about public speaking. . . more” director of operations, global manufacturing company

“I highly recommend her course for those that want to have a clear message to the C-Suite. . . more" Global Marketing Manager, global chemicals Company

“Anett provided me with great tools and processes to deliver impactful messages. . . more" Division President, global manufacturing

“Anett went out of her way to ensure I benefitted from her coaching. . . more” Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government.



“Your help took our presentation from a 2/10 to a 9.7/10 in only five hours – incredible!”

COO - Biotech Company


I highly recommend Anett if you look for a coach to transform how you think, feel, and transmit your message to your stakeholders

VP of HR - Global Food & Beverage Company


“You coached me probably 15-20 years ago and it helped me to become an SVP-CIO and to be inducted into the CIO Hall of Fame in 2018. Thanks so much!”

CIO - Global Entertainment Company

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What we do

• Control a board room with polished, precise storytelling that inspires key initiatives.

• Advance your career path by identifying and influencing key stakeholders with clear, concise and powerful messaging.

• Align your core messaging to achieve your organization’s goals and spark innovation.

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Our coaches

• Control a board room with polished, precise storytelling that inspires key initiatives.

• Advance your career path by identifying and influencing key stakeholders with clear, concise and powerful messaging.

• Align your core messaging to achieve your organization’s goals and spark innovation.

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Our Executive speaking programs empower you to tell your sotry with prevision and purpose - authentically

Executive speaking, inc. has coached
EXecutives FROM 61 of the fortune 100 companies

When you want a coach who has personally worked with leaders from almost every country in the world.

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When should you take leadership speaking workouts?

• When you want the best e-learning experience at your pace, at your convenience and live virtual coaching for practice and feedback.

• When you want breakthrough skills that help you get to the point with ease and impact—especially upward.

• When you want to build your Leadership Presence with ease and power—authentically.

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MEet the coaches

EXperienced + Passionate + Committed


40 years
Coaching established + emerging global leaders

Invented the Core Satellite System, Founded Executive Speaking, Inc.

Thought leader in communications coaching industry - 2 published academic studies, over 100 articles in Fast Company, and quoted in business publications like Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal

CLIENTS: Global CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Executives from leaders like Target, PepsiCo, 3M, Abbott Laboratories, Bank of America

Steve Camkin

Leadership working workouts
25 years
COaching individuals + groups + Organizations

Masters in Organizational Development + PhD in Human & Organizational Systems

CLIENTS: Front-line workers to top-gun pilots to C-level executives and teams from Industry leaders like BP, Disney, Barclays Bank, PayPal


Leadership working workouts
20 years
COaching individuals + groups + Organizations

Masters in Career Counseling Invited speaker & award-winning industry leader

CLIENTS: Thousands of executives, teams and individuals from industry leaders like Medtronic, Google, eBay, Schwab, Genentech, Oracle, Apple

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It's time to make the investment

our services are customized to meet the needs
of any company, team, or individual.

Coaching services

Individual private coaching with anett


A concentrated, personalized experience to develop an integrated communication skill set.

- Powerful Presentations
- Effective Team Meetings
- Professional Growth

Gain visible, sustainable improvement in leadership growth and presence.


A progressive, personalized experience based on precise analysis, feedback, and support.

- Clear Messaging
- Stakeholder Influence
- Career Advancement

Practice targeted skill development over time for leadership growth.

key presentations

Master your crucial communication moments:

- Board Room / Investors
- Media Preparation
- Key Initiative Kickoffs

Clear, polished, precise storytelling inspires confidence in your leadership growth.


leadership speaking workouts

Tell your stories with clarity, conviction and power to gain the influence you want.

- Career Advancement
- Team Leadership
- Internal / External Meetings

Grow your leadership presence with a trusted cohort of outside peers in this blended eLearning + virtual group coaching experience.

leadership speaking workouts

Help your team tell their stories upward and outward with more precision, relevance and impact.

- Technical Presentations
- Sales Strategies
- Internal / External Meetings

Blended experience of eLearning + virtual group coaching produces visible, sustainable improvement in leadership presence and impact.

leadership speaking workouts
global teams

A team experience to translate a global mindset into powerful communications that incorporate multi-cultural perspectives.

- Virtual Presentations
- Global Communications
- Internal / External Meetings

Efficient eLearning + personalized virtual coaching for on-going, sustainable improvement.

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