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When you want to spend less time preparing, feel more in command and get better results faster, we invite you to come to one of our accelerated programs. In just 1 or 2 days you will be able to speak spontaneously with power, precision and purpose — authentically.

Trusted Results

We make a big promise, but we will exceed your expectations.

We have a 40 year track record of success.

Learn to be yourself – only better under pressure.

Your only regret will be you didn’t come sooner.

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Powerful • Private • All Online.

We put it all together for you, one month at a time!



George Korn

Vice President

I spent two days working with Anett on improving my presentation and vocal skills. I improved greatly and believe the approach toward improving executive presentation is first rate.

Jim Bauman

Executive Vice President

I highly valued the personal coaching session with Anett. She quickly determined the areas of improvement and then through a complete process targeted those areas with demonstrated results. An investment that will return dividends for years.

Patrina Fowler

CEO - Aetna Better Health of Texas

The tools and techniques learned have already proven extremely useful. Would definitely recommend this session to all levels of the organization.

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CEO Speaking: The 6-Minute Guide


CEO Speaking: The 6-Minute Guide contains nearly four decades of wisdom from the founder and CEO of Executive Speaking, Anett Grant. Since 1979, Anett has worked with leaders from 61 of the Fortune 100 companies to help them speak better - authentically.

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