“Thanks for a very productive 2 days. I feel like I just learned how to ride a bike for the first time.”

Bob Williamson, General Manager, Moyer Indoor Outdoor

“The workshop last week was a fantastic experience. The two days were extremely efficient and provided much value… more so than many other workshops I have participated in.”

Director of Engineering, United Technologies Corporation

“I enjoyed the boot camp. I feel that I was able to improve my skills and look forward to using them at the next board meeting!”

VP, Institute for Defense Analyses

“I can’t emphasize enough what an impact this coaching has made on how I am approaching my updates for leadership. I have given a number of presentations over the past two weeks. Twice already, I have received positive feedback on how I am presenting messages and people seeing that I am doing something differently. I’d like to think it is a coincidence… but I know better! Such a testimony to how small changes, implemented diligently make such a huge difference!”

Senior Program Manager, Medtronic

“Thank you Vanessa, I really enjoyed the course and am excited to put the tools to use. I do think this would be valuable for some of my colleagues and will definitely recommend if future courses work for them.”

Internal Audit, Biomarin Pharmaceuticals

“Thanks so much! Truly, the Executive Speaking workshop was one of the best developmental experiences I’ve had. I am very grateful for all I learned… will definitely continue reviewing the manual and stay updated on Fast Company articles, etc.”

Communication Specialist, 3M

“This experience was truly impactful and I had a chance to practice right away this morning. I felt so much more confident and aware. Thank you for that!”

Human Resources Director, Ecolab

“I strongly believe this two day Bootcamp is critical to anyone that is regularly presenting upwards in our organization and I am looking forward to see it in action from the various folks who attended.”

Sr. Product Manager, Symantec Corporation

“Working with Vanessa during the two-day intensive Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360 helped me develop skills to become a more self-assured public speaker and has helped me grow professionally and personally.”

Betsy Wason, VP, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

“This was a well thought out training with multiple opportunities to immediately practice learnings, and it was also a lot of fun!”

Jackie Hintz, Membership Ambassador, Thrivent Financial

“In those two days I learned how to hone in and deliver key messages during a presentation with power, authenticity and clarity – with or without slides! Anett makes the material accessible and memorable and her easy-going style set the entire group at ease. I’d definitely go back for a deeper dive if given the opportunity.”

Sam Van Alstyne, Marketing Manager, 3M

“The tools and techniques learned have already proven extremely useful. Would definitely recommend this session to all levels of the organization.”

Patrina Fowler, CEO, Aetna Better Health Texas Medicaid

“I walked away with helpful feedback and great tips to help me be frame my content and be a better speaker. I would definitely recommend this course to those who make presentations to groups, large or small, on a regular basis.”

Karen King, VP – Talent Management, Thrivent Financial

Take the next step to be a better speaker — authentically — every day.