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Speaking Off The Cuff with Vanessa Wasche


Speaking Off The Cuff is a new podcast hosted by Communications Coach, Vanessa Wasche, that discusses the ups and downs of public speaking. Hear true stories as people call in and share their successes and failures — while Vanessa lays out simple straight forward tactics to help you conquer your fears and make the most of your speaking opportunities.


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When presenting, authenticity reinforces your authority and develops trust between you and your audience. But how can you maintain authenticity when relying on notes or a script? Vanessa is joined by actress, Anna, to discuss the importance of authenticity in speaking. Anna provides insight from her acting experience to speak on maintaining authenticity while reading from a script. Vanessa brings in expertise from Anett Grant’s Fast Company article titled “Do These 4 Things to Appear Authentic in Your Presentation” to provide tips on projecting authenticity. Although a script is a useful tool for important presentations, Vanessa and Anna explain how coming off “too scripted” can alienate your audience and dilute your message.

How to Use Video

You probably know the benefits of using video in your presentation—but how do you incorporate it so that it enhances your presentation, rather than distracting your attendees from it? In the sixth episode of Speaking Off The Cuff, Vanessa is joined by Dave to discuss Anett Grant’s Fast Company article, “How to Use Video to Improve Your Leadership Presence.” Dave shares his experience as a teacher of an executive education course. Dave and Vanessa break down the four steps of how to use video to improve your leadership presence and maximize impact with your audience.

Presentation Nightmares!

Public speaking comes with its own plethora of fears and horror stories, whether your worries be forgetting your lines, losing your lunch, or even fainting on stage! Vanessa Wasche is joined by new Communications Coach, Hannah Holden [Executive Speaking Inc.] to discuss presentation nightmares. Hannah and Vanessa refer to Anett Grant’s Fast Company article, “You’ve just experienced a presentation nightmare, what now?” which includes a few, easily accessible tips to help you recover from a negative speaking experience.

Leadership Presence: The "It" Factor

Leadership presence has become the “it” factor of Corporate America today — it drives your promotions in your career and your audience engagement when you’re presenting… but what is it? Vanessa is joined by one of her co-workers at Executive Speaking, Taylor, to discuss and redefine leadership presence. Vanessa and Taylor respond to Anett Grant’s 97th Fast Company article, “Adopt these 4 speaking habits to boost your leadership presence.” Vanessa also refers to David Logan’s TED Talk on tribal leadership to give an example of what leadership presence looks like.

Dessert is in the Eye of the Beholder

This week we’ll be discussing the universal problems of technical difficulty and eye contact. Have you ever made a presentation and your PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google Slides failed to function? Does it make you uneasy to look someone in the eyes? If you’ve spent any time presenting in front of an audience, you’ve likely faced at least one of these problems. Tune in for this week’s episode of Speaking Off The Cuff for some expert tips on how to handle when your technology fails and when maintaining eye contact is a struggle.


Vanessa Wasche interviews two women with very different ways to conquer a similar obstacle: public speaking. To begin, Vanessa speaks with a woman who found that speaking from the heart is easier than you think. We also hear from a yoga teacher who was able to take her in-class experiences and transfer them to the professional world.


In today’s episode, Vanessa interviews the founder and CEO of Executive Speaking, Anett Grant. Anett shares some critical issues that people face while public speaking today. We also hear from a woman who overcame her fear of public speaking through becoming a mother. To end our first episode, Vanessa chats with a man who struggles with stage fright, and shares tips and tricks on how to calm nerves before speaking in front of a crowd.

Take the next step to be a better speaker — authentically — every day.