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By Oct 2, 2018 April 12th, 2019 Podcast

Public speaking comes with its own plethora of fears and horror stories, whether your worries be forgetting your lines, losing your lunch, or even fainting on stage! Vanessa Wasche is joined by new Communications Coach, Hannah Holden [Executive Speaking Inc.] to discuss presentation nightmares.

Hannah and Vanessa refer to Anett Grant’s Fast Company article, “You’ve just experienced a presentation nightmare, what now?” which includes a few, easily accessible tips to help you recover from a negative speaking experience. Whether you are trying to avoid the worst, or recover from a bad speech, the latest episode of Speaking Off The Cuff will provide expert advice on how to persevere.

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Anett Grant has 40 years of coaching top executives, leaders, and emerging leaders from 61 of the Fortune 100 companies, as well as countless midmarket and small businesses from all over the world.

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