Leadership Speaking Private — For Individuals

“Inside out—not outside in”

My promise:
To give you the experience to build your confidence to speak spontaneously with precision, power, and purpose—authentically.

To give you expert video analysis of your natural style so that you can build your Leadership Presence—authentically.

To give you innovative tools like the Core-Satellite System™ 3-D visual mapping tool.

To give you our commitment to unlimited half hour complimentary follow up. Way beyond one and done.

You will learn:

• Private Coaching is about development, not transformation.

My goal is to help you build on your strength, not give you a whole new look. You’re successful—you’ve been talking since you were 2. So, Private Coaching is about helping you be better, your way—authentically.

• Private Coaching is about Skill building, not an emotional pump-up.

My goal is to give you the personal materials, skills, manuals, and worksheets. My goal is for you to be better year after year, without me. I’ll always be available, but you’ll discover you don’t need me any more. I’ll always be there for follow up and special occasions, but you’ll own the skills.

• Private Coaching is about helping you grow in a safe, confidential environment.

You’re free to explore without worrying about others—just exploring for yourself. The studio is sound proof, your videos are private, your experience is personal—your time for you.


Depth and Breadth

Anett has worked with everyone from emerging leaders to CEOs of $90 billion companies, across every industry, around the world. From the job interview to the board presentation, she has the sensitivity required to help you speak with more power and precision in any situation.

Not just one hammer, not just one nail.

Anett will help you…

• Manage tension
• Tell your stories with power and precision
• Position your ideas at the right level
• Develop Leadership Presence

…and much more.

Beyond Cliché

In addition to coaching, Anett regularly writes columns on speaking and leadership for Fast Company (100+ articles). She has had her perspectives published in the Business Journals, Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many more. She also published two Academic Studies:

“Communication Essentials for Female Executives to Develop Leadership Presence: Getting Beyond the Barriers of Understanding Accomplishment”

“It’s More Than Just Talk: Patterns of CEO Impromptu Communication”



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