Leadership Speaking Bootcamp


In Leadership Speaking Bootcamp for Teams, we help each member of your team tell their stories with more impact.

Learn to speak upward internally to get projects approved faster, outward with key customers to get more sales, and downward for accelerated execution.

Leadership Speaking Bootcamp for Team delivers more!

Immediate Impact

Track Record of Success


“Inside out, not Outside in”


Way more than reading a book


A dynamic, group program that engages, inspires, and endures.
You will learn:


  • The Core-Satellite System™ is the only integrated speaking model in the world that instantly reduces anxiety
  • Reduces “ahs,” “ers,” and other fillers
  • Integrates data into meaningful stories
  • Liberates you from your scripts and power points
  • Empowers you to speak spontaneously with power and spontaneity
  • Everything you need to be your best in every situation on demand authentically
  • Tested at all levels from interns to Harvard economists
  • Tested in all languages, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese
  • Tested in all cultures
  • Tested by a Harvard researcher
  • Proven for 40 years (over 6,000 clients in over 24 countries, leaders from 61 of the Fortune 100 companies)
  • Because it’s based on natural patterns of how you speak, every day
  • Because we have a no fail, step by step, systematic, streamlined training process
  • Because you see results – immediately
  • Because you feel better – authentically
  • You will develop a new level of ease and confidence to be at your best in every situation and meeting that counts

Learning the Core-Satellite System™ is like learning how to drive a car—one you learn it, you’ve got it. You can drive anywhere, any time.

The car may change, the road may chance, but you’ll always know what you’re doing.

Once you learn the Core-Satellite System™ you can be at your best anywhere, live or virtual, with any audience around the world.

We were looking for the answers to these questions:

  • If executives are speaking all the time, why aren’t they good at it?
  • Are there natural patterns that executives use when they are actually good?
  • What tools could I develop based on these patterns that speakers naturally use when they’re good, so that they can be good all the time?
  • Would this tool produce a consistent visible improvement in delivering content for every level for every company around the world?
  • Would this tool not only have immediate improvement, but sustainable improvement to help you be at your best throughout your career?
  • The CSS is the answer to these questions—the tool that will help you speak at your best throughout your whole career, as you promote your ideas, promote your company, and promote your career.

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