Why Do You Need An Executive Communication Coach?

By: Executive Speaking

Why Do You Need An Executive Communication Coach?

You’ve been talking since you were 2. You’ve achieved so much in your career. So why would you need an executive communication coach?


The bar is higher.

Now you’re expected to be articulate, inspirational, and authentic—with no rehearsal time. Speaking spontaneously is the new rule — practice times are shrinking to minutes not hours or days.

You look at your flaws—not at your strengths.

When you’re looking in a mirror you’re making adjustments—you bring a critical eye to make sure your “cosmetics” are good. Yet, to be a powerful speaker, you need to learn to look beyond cosmetics so that the power of your personality comes through.

You need to focus on solutions not problems.

While you may feel by counting your “ahs” and “ehs” you will get better—not likely. You need processes and experiences that empower you to let your speaking flow. Problem identification may be a good step 1—but moving to solution requires skills and support from an experienced executive communication coach.

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