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Coaching Services

We deliver best-in-class communications coaching that empowers executives and teams to accelerate their career and company goals.


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Our APproach

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Get the results you want for your career and your organization

You’ll learn how to use our communication framework, the Core Satellite System™, to develop six habits of successful speakers. We developed this approach over four decades of coaching the world’s top executives to speak with power, precision and purpose – authentically.

The most powerful speakers integrate their story and their delivery. Our approach gives you the framework to integrate what you say with how you’re saying it.

Our process leverages online learning plus private coaching for an experience that is:


Organize your thoughts to tell your story with precision, and deliver your presentation with powerful Leadership Presence.


Focus on your communication goals, your style and your needs.


Integrate proven tools plus private coaching for immediate, visible improvement.

Desired impact - You’ll increase your impact in every presentation, company meeting, interview or conversation.
our coaching services and packages
Leadership speaking workouts
with esi coaches

Leaders, Emerging Leaders & Teams

Communicate with confidence and clarity with Leadership Speaking Workouts online program, enhanced with one-on-one coaching.

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Private Coaching
with Anett

Top Executives from Global Organizations

Gain the power to influence your career and organization through Private Coaching with Anett.

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Our Coaching Packages

Private coaching with anett

Virtual or in-person Fully Customized Communications Coaching for Top Executives
A concentrated, custom experience to focus on your personal and company goals in high-stakes communications.

- Board presentations
- Key company presentations
- Press interviews
- Investor presentations
- Global town halls
- Crucial interviews
- High visibility panels
Coaching Packages offered as:
a dynamic, convenient approach for continuous improvement.
a dynamic, concentrated approach across 1-2 days for immediate impact.
With Private Coaching with Anett, you will gain the power to influence your career and your organization:

- Speak spontaneously with power and purpose
- Add polish and dimension to your speaking
- Communicate clearly in any high-stakes situation
- Position yourself for impact with different cultures
- Tell your story with class and creativity
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Leadership speaking workouts

Online Curriculum + Private Coaching for leaders, emerging leaders, and teams.
A progressive program to focus on your career and company goals.  

- Communicate clearly with senior executives, teams,  key customers
​- Tell your story with power and precision​
- Project strong Leadership Presence​
- Increase influence with internal and external stakeholders​
- Accelerate key initiatives of the organization​
- Speak clearly with cross-functional teams​
Our coaching packages combine online learning enhanced with private coaching for personalized feedback toward your communication goals. The program includes:
Online Learning
6 modules of eLearning​ Learn at your own pace, in your own space
Benchmark assessment
2 private coaching sessions​ (30 minutes each)
Analyze seven habits of the most successful speakers, set your goals​
Private Coaching
5 one-on-one coaching sessions​ (60 minutes each)
Personalized feedback to meet your communication goals​
I learned the Core Satellite System 2 years ago. Now I’m meeting with the top leader in my company and I still organize my presentation using my Core Message and my Satellites to make my points. It really works. -Semiconductor Industry Executive
-Semiconductor Industry Executive

Our System

Core Satellite system
Core Satellite System™ is our proprietary communication framework. We developed it over 40 years of coaching the world’s top executives to speak with power, precision and purpose – authentically.

Core Satellite System helps you project the Leadership presence you want
- Organizes your thoughts into clear, concise points
- Ensures your core message always comes through
- Builds flexibility for last-minute changes in length or audience
- Integrates body language for increased impact
- Keeps your audience engaged
Core Satellite system
Each component works together for clear, concise, engaging presentations.

The six habits of the most successful speakers
we will assess and benchmark the following progress:

How you Begin
How you articulate your talking point
How you provide evidence
How you transition from point to point
How you structure speaking vs writing
How you structure a comparison question
IT's Time to make the investment  in your communications
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This course is well-constructed to train us to be better storytellers, which is essential for scientists today to communicate across many stakeholders.
-Director, Cargill

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