Client Stories

Ready to take your speaking skills, and leadership skills to the next level? We offer completely customized private coaching to elite executives.

“Thanks so much! Truly, the Executive Speaking workshop was one of the best developmental experiences I’ve had. I am very grateful for all I learned… will definitely continue reviewing the manual and stay updated on Fast Company articles, etc.”

Communication Specialist, 3M

“I can’t emphasize enough what an impact this coaching has made on how I am approaching my updates for leadership. I have given a number of presentations over the past two weeks. Twice already, I have received positive feedback on how I am presenting messages and people seeing that I am doing something differently. I’d like to think it is a coincidence… but I know better! Such a testimony to how small changes, implemented diligently make such a huge difference!”

Senior Program Manager, Medtronic

“I enjoyed the boot camp. I feel that I was able to improve my skills and look forward to using them at the next board meeting!”

VP, Institute for Defense Analyses

“The workshop last week was a fantastic experience. The two days were extremely efficient and provided much value… more so than many other workshops I have participated in.”

Director of Engineering, United Technologies Corporation

Thanks for a very productive 2 days. I feel like I just learned how to ride a bike for the first time.

Bob Williamson — General Manager, Moyer Indoor Outdoor

Anett was a terrific coach and worked with me on concepts, not just cookie cutter presentation advice. She took the time to get to know me as a person and then developed her coaching based on unique feedback only for me. I incorporate my learnings everyday into casual conversations to presentations to our CEO. Thank you for the great advice, Anett!

Diane Cavuoto — VP of Strategic Sourcing, Honeywell

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