Client Stories

Ready to take your speaking skills, and leadership skills to the next level? We offer completely customized private coaching to elite executives.

I had the privilege of working with Anett via her Executive Speaking program. Through this development experience she taught me valuable strategies on how to structure and convey my story to be a more effective communicator. I frequently utilize the tools I was provided during my sessions whenever I am preparing for a large meeting or small, senior level presentations. She has been instrumental in helping me hone my skills as I’ve continued to advance in my career. I highly recommend participating in Anett’s Executive Speaking program to anyone who’s interested in elevating his or her communication skills.

Marisol Tamaro — Marketing, E-Commerce and Retail at J.Crew

Anett’s experiential approach to speech and presentation coaching is very effective. She introduces new ideas in novel ways and by trying them myself and seeing the results, I was able to internalize them quickly. Anett incorporates multiple modes of learning – in the workshop I was drawing, talking, watching, listening, and moving, and in doing so, engaging my whole brain.

Aliza Gold — VP, Experience, Strategy, and Insight at Projekt202

Anett is a wonderful Coach with years of real life experience. She encouraged everyone to rely and build on the strength of your individual authentic personality and allow that to be evident. The tools and techniques learned have already proven extremely useful. Would definitely recommend this session to all levels of the organization.

Patrina Fowler — CEO at Aetna Health

I worked with Anett for two days and what an experience! I learned so much more than I thought. I gained a lot of insight into how I speak and look when presenting. The video taping was such great feedback on how I presented myself to a group. From facial expression, to posture, to how my words came out of my month, to the bad habit of aahs. The exercises were valuable in helping to set a rythmn and get folks attention. I can’t wait to go back and work with Anett again. I have so much more to learn. It was worth every penny for her invaluable training and insights. I highly recommend her.

Karen Bond — President & CEO at Cedaron Medical, Inc

I had the pleasure of joining Anett in May for her Leadership Speaking Bootcamp. I walked away with helpful feedback and great tips to help me be frame my content and be a better speaker. I would definitely recommend this course to those who make presentations to groups, large or small, on a regular basis.

Karen King — VP, Talent Management at Projekt 202

The thing that impressed me the most was Anett’s knowledge of our financial services business. She was able to offer insightful direction for the flow of a complicated presentation that simplified the message – making it much more effective.

Wendy McCullough — VP, Life Insurance Products at Thrivent Financial

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