Ready to take your speaking skills, and leadership skills to the next level? We offer completely customized private coaching to elite executives.


At Executive Speaking, we focus on delivering training with real-world relevance… training that is proven to work. Our training will help you propel your career, promote your agendas, inspire action, and drive results in today’s high-pressure business world.

  • We believe in empowerment — we do not fit speakers into ideal-speaker boxes.
  • Rather, our job is to help executives understand what choices they can make to develop signature speaking styles.
  • Styles that are authentic on a personal level and promote candor and collaboration at the team level.



Anett Grant has 40 years of coaching top executives, leaders, and emerging leaders from 61 of the Fortune 100 companies, as well as countless midmarket and small businesses from all over the world.


At Executive Speaking, our focus on quality is relentless. No makeshift hotel rooms. No ad hoc equipment. No glitches. We have a dedicated team that ensures every moment of your experience is flawless.


We believe in capitalizing on the power of technology to help you become better, faster. Our programs feature custom-designed software, large-screen video playback, and top-quality acoustics and lighting.


Our programs feature tools and learning techniques that are at the forefront of the industry. We use kinesthetic exercises and experiential learning to maximize engagement and retention.

We’ve served executives at:

Anett provided very valuable speech coaching to me. Her Core-Satellite System, which provides the ability to visualize the key message and related questions, is an excellent tool. I really appreciate the fact that Anett took the time to understand me and then worked to build my skills within that framework. She is very effective.

John Albrecht — Vice President and Chief IP Counsel RTG, Medtronic

Anett has developed sound methodology to helping individuals improve their speaking and communication skills based on years of research. Anett’s supportive and insightful approach makes her a joy to work with while producing tangible results.

Christopher Potter — President Snap-on Tools, Tool Storage

Annet is a smart, experienced and talented executive coach. I have worked with her in depth as have many of my colleagues and would highly recommend her unique combination of skill building and coaching in how best to prepare, present and influence in a business environment.

Dave McNulty — Vice President, Corporate Human Resources and Global Talent Acquisition, Lear Corporation

Anett’s one on one coaching was really great. Her core and satellite methodology, as well as the overall training she provided, have forever changed my approach to presentations and public speaking.

Ron Boyer — VP of Global Purchasing – Structures, Lear Corporation

Anett did excellent work customizing her content to meet my needs and expectations. She is very detailed making sure you understand the material. I have already started implementing her system and tactics.

Brad Baxter — Regional Vice President of Sales, Cardiac and Vascular Group, Medtronic

Anett provided me with the most valuable professional development experience I’ve had in years. I recently worked with Anett in preparation for an upcoming speaking engagement. I was impressed by her ability to hone in quickly on a number of opportunities to help me make an impact through my comments and to do so in a way that is authentic. Even better was that Anett’s coaching yielded tips and recommendations that are practical and actionable, so I’m confident that her coaching will stick. Anett’s coaching would be an asset to anyone looking to enhance their speaking skills.

Sara Armbruster — Vice President, Strategy, Research and Digital Transformation at Steelcase Inc.

I spent two days in Minneapolis working with Anett on improving my presentation and vocal skills. Working together and following her process, I improved greatly over the two days. I continue to work on these skills, and believe Anett’s approach toward improving executive presentation is the first rate.

George Korn — Vice President Audit Services, Hanes Brand Inc.

Annett is a wonderfully talented individual who is an outstanding executive speaking coach. I highly recommend her!

Henry Chang — Vice President, 3M Connect

I went to Anett for executive speaking. It was a two day interactive and individualized workshop where Anett provided a thorough and intense experience. I left the two days with some very effective skills that I can apply both every day and for speaking engagements. I am hoping to work on some additional skills with Anett in the future. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to fine tune their speaking skills.

Todd Rea — SVP Of Sales, Lowe’s Business Unit at The Sherwin-Williams Company



Founder / CEO
As the founder/CEO of Executive Speaking, Anett has been coaching leaders and emerging leaders for the past 40 years. She has coached CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, small business entrepreneurs, and every level in between. She has worked across nearly every industry in the business world, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology, Food and Beverage, and Retail. Anett also has tremendous global experience, coaching leaders whose first language is Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, and many more. In addition to coaching, Anett writes bi-weekly columns on speaking and leadership for Fast Company and The Business Journals and has had her perspectives on speaking published in Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Investor’s Business Daily, The Los Angeles Times, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Inc, Chief Learning Officer, and The Montreal Gazette. She has also had two academic studies published: Communication Essentials for Female Executives to Develop Leadership Presence in Business Horizons, the journal of the Kelley School of Business — as well as It’s More Than Just Talk: Patterns of CEO Impromptu Communication in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. Before coaching, Anett earned a B.Ed from McGill University, an MFA in Directing Theatre from the University of Minnesota, and was a theatre critic for The Minnesota Daily and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.


Communications Coach
As a Communications Coach for Leadership Speaking Bootcamp, Vanessa capitalizes on her performance background to bring business leaders to the next level. Vanessa will teach you how to own the room and communicate your message with power, clarity, and confidence.

Vanessa holds a Master’s degree from New York University’s prestigious graduate acting program and a BFA from University of Minnesota / Guthrie Theatre. Some of Vanessa’s tv credits include: a recurring role on CBS’s THE GOOD WIFE, PERSON OF INTEREST, IN AN INSTANT and appears opposite Hugh Grant in the movie THE REWRITE. Whether it be in front of a live audience of thousands of people, or from take to take in front of the camera, Vanessa joined Executive Speaking because she leverages her skills to help clients be in the moment. She’s very clear that authenticity is the key to effective communication – being not only yourself, but your best self.


Communications Coach
As a Communications Coach for Leadership Speaking Bootcamp, Hannah leverages her background as an Intelligence Marine to train business leaders to think on their feet, speak with greater influence, and develop their own unique brand of Leadership Presence. During her three combat tours, Hannah consistently developed and communicated high stakes intelligence to guide senior leadership in critical decision-making. She was among the first women at 5th Marines Infantry Regiment and a member of the first Female Engagement Team with Marine Special Operations. She pushes leaders to go beyond their technical knowledge to be strategic and position their ideas at the right level for maximum impact.
Hannah holds an MBA with an emphasis in Global Social Sustainable Enterprise from Colorado State University and a BA from DePaul University in Peace and Conflict Studies with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. She joined Executive Speaking because she enjoys teaching clients skills that prepare them to command any room and deliver powerful messages.


Studio One — Suite 3610

Private Coaching Space – “Comfort and Creativity”

Located on the 36th floor of the RBC Plaza in downtown Minneapolis, Studio One is our Private Coaching facility. Studio One features top quality acoustics, video, and lighting — embedded in an environment of comfort and creativity. You will also be provided with a personal office for working on assignments and handling any business issues that may arise throughout the day.

Studio Two — Suite 2550

Leadership Speaking Bootcamp Space – “Open and Inclusive”

Located on the 25th floor of the RBC Plaza, Studio Two is our Leadership Speaking Bootcamp facility. The lounge area of Studio Two features beautiful views of Minneapolis and the Mississippi River, as well as comfortable furniture and a spacious feeling of openness and light. Inside the studio, you’ll find an intimate but comfortable space, three large-screen monitors, and iPads — the ideal environment for open, inclusive speaking.

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