“For a genuine experience
of discovery and growth.”

If you are looking for a speaking coaching experience that moves way beyond cookie-cutter, that reaches out to you as a unique and special person and focuses on enhancing your natural abilities — not squeezing you into a mold…

If you are looking for professional analysis, key insights into your natural strengths, and clear articulation of your opportunities for growth — not cheerleading and flattery…

If you are looking for systematic skill building that teaches you critical fundamentals and solid techniques — not quick tips and a pep talk…

Private Coaching will meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

Developing Personal Style

You have the knowledge, the experience, the visibility — now you need the personal style, the leadership presence that sets you apart.

In Private Coaching, you learn to appreciate your natural strengths — your voice, your energy, your wit, your mental agility, your intensity, your warmth.

You learn to orchestrate your natural strengths so that you can be at your best, good day or bad.

Influencing Others

You may have the best strategies, the greatest products, the most effective solutions, but your success depends on your skills of influence and persuasion.

In Private Coaching, I give you the insights and tools you need to position your ideas at the right level, to deliver your message with the right tone, and to address controversy with the right sensitivity.

You gain the experiences you need to optimize your influence in every situation.

Inspiring Action

In order to create that sense of urgency, build momentum, and drive results for your organization — you need to project strength, confidence, conviction, and passion for achieving.

In Private Coaching, you learn to translate your inner vision into speaking that is powerful, energizing, inspiring. You learn how to build depth and dimension into your presentations to help your audiences get it, believe, it, and do it.

Communicating Complexity

You’ve spent months developing your product, your technology — “How about a 10-minute update?” You’ve spent days tracking down the problem — “Bottom line, what’s the solution?” You’ve spent hundreds of hours analyzing alternatives — “Please, get to the point.”

In Private Coaching, you will learn a proven process for communicating complexity without dumbing it down. The Core-Satellite System™ will help you get to the point faster, organize complex issues into clear meaningful messages, develop more strategic approaches, respond to questions with ease and flexibility, and handle interruptions smoothly.

You learn to speak clearly and with precision — in presentations, in meetings, and over the telephone.

Mastering Stage Fright

To master the stage fright that is preventing you from enjoying the limelight you’ve worked so hard to achieve, you need more than simplistic advice like “take a big breath“ or “imagine your audience naked.” You need more than practice. You need insights and skills that will enable you to achieve speaking mastery.

In Private Coaching, I work to give you control over every speaking process — your breathing, your voice, your movements, and your organization. You will learn to respond to your anxiety effectively — no gimmicks.

You will move from dreading the moment to feeling competent and confident in your ability to demonstrate leadership in front of your key audiences — your board, your colleagues, your sales force, and your company.


My focus on quality is relentless. I seek out feedback from my clients. I listen. I react thoughtfully. I learn more. Each day I resolve to listen with more sensitivity, to act with greater humility, to react with even greater respect.

I have spent years developing tools, props, and techniques to accelerate learning, producing materials that combine function with creativity.

I have spent years designing, refining and building the best possible training facility — soundproofed to assure privacy, technically excellent, and aesthetically warm.


As a teacher, as a director, and as a coach, I have always strived to reach beyond expectation, to push for more — faster. Call it creativity. Call it results-focused.

My goal is to achieve breakthroughs in all areas — voice, movement, organization, gesture, integration — so that each individual believes sooner, risks more and continues to achieve new levels of performance, new levels of pride, and new levels of self-esteem.


My goal as an executive speaking coach is to be at the forefront of knowledge in the area of oral communication worldwide.

When I founded Executive Speaking, Inc., in 1979, I dedicated myself to learning about every aspect of executive communication — positions and politics, companies and industries, across the United States and around the world — in order to provide the best speaking coaching.

I toured factories, field offices, and headquarters. I rode in a tank in Detroit with General Dynamics. I rode in a Lincoln Continental in Tokyo with Ford. Everywhere I went I questioned, observed, and sought to understand the pressures, realities, and dimensions leaders face in their communication — from daily interactions to board presentations.

After 37 years, my experiences have led me to understand not only how corporations work, but how people in corporations have to communicate authentically — in their location, in their company, in their corporations, and around the world.



I am committed to being a thought leader. I invite you to read my 50+ articles on speaking and leadership skill development.

I am committed to helping each client discover that elusive obvious — authentic leadership presence.

I am committed to being present with you at every stage of your journey.

1-Day Private Coaching

In the 1-day Private Coaching program, the focus is on fundamentals: What are the key elements of your natural style? How do you build your strengths into the platform that will add power, focus and impact?

We begin with breakfast. My goal is to understand you, identify priorities, and establish rapport in a comfortable setting. Throughout the meeting, I am observing, probing, challenging — seeking to discover your best, natural speaking style.

For the remainder of the day, we work. I ask you questions and record your answers on video. You gain in-depth analysis of your patterns, your strengths, and your opportunities. Then we begin skill building. I give you exercises. We record. I then explain what each exercise is about. You watch. Each exercise is precise and effective. Each tool is tried and true. Step by step, component by component, you experience, watch, and practice. Then we integrate, bringing all the parts together. You see immediate results.

You leave your Private Coaching program with a clear image of success and a personal road map of how you’re going to practice and apply your skills. Above all, you leave with the excitement of achieving a new beginning.

2-Day Private Coaching


In the 2-Day Private Coaching program, the focus is on developing a more dynamic personal style. We address more complex issues such as overcoming speaking anxiety, eliminating vocal fatigue and strain, projecting leadership presence, overcoming subtle, yet significant communication barriers and taking your speaking to the next level — from director to VP, from VP to President, from President to CEO.

We begin with breakfast. My goal is to develop understanding, rapport, trust. I seek to understand your needs, situations, professional background, personal history — whatever factors are relevant to your particular communication issues.

For two days we work. You talk, I record you on video. We discuss. We focus on exercises. You learn skill building, skill building, skill building. We focus on helping you understand your feelings and the impact your feelings may be having on your communication. We focus on implementing practical, authentic, holistic solutions.

You leave your Private Coaching program ready to implement new skills immediately, confident that your new tools will help you be yourself, only better, and secure that you can take your speaking to a new level with ease, power and passion.


As a leader of your company, you have constant critical communication responsibilities with boards of directors, media, security analysts, associations, customers, and most significantly, with all your employees — from hourly workers to executives.

Private Coaching is designed to give you the polish and precision that will add more impact to your leadership effectiveness, one-on-one or in large groups.

High Potentials

As an emerging leader of your company, you need to demonstrate that you can contribute thought leadership for the future.

Private Coaching is designed to help you increase your presence, your credibility, your ability to handle formal as well as informal situations and, above all, your power to influence decisions upward, downward, and across your organization.

Executives Needing Development

As a hard working individual, you know you have the ability and desire to be successful. But you’re getting negative feedback about your style, your first impression, your credibility, your mannerisms, or your ability to relate to the field, the staff, key customers, and top management. You have been recommended to pursue executive presentation coaching.

Private Coaching is designed to help you understand why you are getting negative reactions and then, most significantly, how to implement techniques that will change these perceptions.

Global Leaders

As a leader of a global organization, you know the challenges of being at your best when English is your second, third, or fourth language.

Private Coaching is designed to help you achieve greater ease and fluency in your speaking style, more precision in your message — more of the leadership presence that builds trust, acceptance, and appreciation.

Personal Follow-Up

When you come for Private Coaching, we begin a relationship. I am determined to support and inspire your development in your Private Coaching program and beyond.

In addition to your standard program materials, upon completion of your Private Coaching program you will receive a flash drive of my “Thoughts.” I want you to refresh your practice with key reviews by hearing examples of the skills you learned. I want you to hear the sounds, understand the rhythms, and connect the concepts.

For example:

      How to develop leadership presence
      How to increase your influence on decisions that count
      How to demonstrate leadership in your board presentations

One week later, you will receive a personal letter highlighting your strengths and opportunities and outlining your critical areas of focus going forward.

Approximately three months after your program ends, you will receive a personal email reviewing key areas of focus — soliciting questions and a progress report.

Additionally, I offer continued availability for all my clients. You are invited to call or email me at any time after your program ends — day or night, even weekends. I am always available to address any questions or concerns.


To keep you mindful of key insights and continuously improve your speaking after your program ends, I send you my articles from The Business Journals and Fast Company.

For example:

  1. “Getting beyond stage fright: 3 steps for speaking with ease and control
  2. How To Be A Smooth Talker And Eliminate Filler Words
  3. 3 secrets of leadership presence”

Private Coaching – Two-Day Agenda

Day One

8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. — Breakfast: I will observe your natural speaking style, and we will discuss your priorities.

8:50 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. — Analysis: You will be interviewed, videotaped, and receive feedback.

12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. — Lunch

1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. — Intense Skill Building: You will learn how to implement step-by-step processes your way.

Day Two

8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. — Intense Skill Building Continued

12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. — Lunch

1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. — Integration: We will bring together skills so that you see how everything connects into a meaningful whole.

Marketing Sheet


Studio One — Suite 3610

Located on the 36th floor of the RBC Plaza in downtown Minneapolis, Studio One is our Private Coaching facility. Studio One features top quality acoustics, video, and lighting — embedded in an environment of comfort and creativity. You will also be provided with a personal office for working on assignments and handling any business issues that may arise throughout the day.