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  • “People to Watch”—February 17, 1986“

    Why can’t business teach its techies how to speak? Probably because it doesn’t understand them, according to Grant, 35, owner of Executive Speaking, a Minneapolis firm that teaches technologically inclined professionals how to communicate with lay people. A former theater critic, Grant advises engineers to sidestep the morass of detail into which they often fall. Instead of ticking off points like beads on a string, her charges learn to return to the central point of their presentations, linking it to each subsidiary notion. She has thus helped bridge the gap between the numerate and the easily baffled at such firms as Honeywell, United Technologies, and General Dynamics.”

Wall Street Journal

The New York Times Magazine

  • Letters to the Editor, “Speak for yourself”—February 23, 1992
  • Letters to the Editor, “Mean Girls”—March 10, 2002


  • “Women managers: The issue isn’t sexuality — October 29, 1984
  • “Putting more power in your voice”—April 4, 1988

    “The goal is a voice that’s resonant, rich and relaxed…Work to lower your voice at the end of a sentence. Ending on an up note will make you sound weak, like you’re seeking agreement.”

The Christian Science Monitor


  • “The future on tape”—December 30, 1985
  • “Executive Pulse: The Invisible Spouse”—November 24, 2008

Los Angeles Times

  • Changing Your Voice Can Make You a Winner, Say the Experts”—February 2, 1989

    “The more staccato you sound, the more you’ll be distrusted and the more people will be anxious with you. It’s an understandable reaction – which would you rather listen to, an orchestra or a jackhammer.”

Investor’s Business Daily

  • “Visual Aids Can Make Or Break A Speech”—November 21, 1995

    “The more complex the idea, the more a speaker has to translate it into visual form such as a graph or a chart.”

Minnesota Business Magazine

Minneapolis Star Tribune

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Fast Company

Business Journals

Women on Business

Quiet Leadership Institute

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