For Teams

 “We build connections and confidence.”


Customized focus.

“One size does not fit all.”
Each program is customized so that it’s relevant to your team… — Whether they’re speaking internally or externally. — Whether they’re speaking upward to leadership or across to cross-functional teams. — Whether they’re in-person or remote.

Greater alignment.

“We get your ducks in a row.”
We ensure your vision shines through every time your leaders communicate. We’ll help confirm everyone is using the same speaking playbook and executing according to that playbook.

Better ongoing feedback.

“Not all feedback is constructive.”
Instead of random comments from friends, your team members will receive coherent feedback that is relevant and meaningful, helping them develop high-impact skills.

Greater respect for each other.

“There is power in diversity.”
We have created a respectful environment that promotes the unique style and contributions of each of your team members — we don’t believe in creating standardized teams of Stepford Wives.



“We know you have no patience.”
We’ve spent 38 years developing precision tools that deliver faster, better. You’ll receive skills that you will use the very next day — and forever.


“Your speaking is personal.”
We provide a safe environment that promotes trust, dialogue, and authentic communication. You will feel empowered to take risks and stretch yourself as you develop your signature style.


“You’re not in Kansas anymore.”
Our program is ideal for global/multicultural leaders who want to learn how their styles impact audiences. We will help you speak with clarity, regardless of accent or native language.


We have trained over 500 leaders and emerging leaders from companies including…
  • 3M
  • Aetna
  • CNH Industrial
  • Consolidated Communications
  • C.R. Bard
  • Dichtomatic Americas
  • Digital River
  • Ecolab
  • Guardian Industries
  • Marcus & Millichap
  • Medtronic
  • Microchip
  • NovuHealth
  • Projekt202
  • Ryder Systems
  • Thrivent Financial


Immediate audience feedback.

“No more guessing.”
With our PeerPolling™ feedback software, your leaders will learn how they come across to each other — their styles and their messages.

The 7 Keys to Developing Leadership Presence™.

“Louder is not better.”
The 7 Keys to Developing Leadership Presence™ will give your team members the levers they need to develop their own signature styles that are both flexible and authentic.

How to get to the point.

“Data dumps don’t do it anymore.”
With our proven Core-Satellite System™, your leaders will learn how to tell their stories with power and precision — no scripts. Whether they’re engineers, salespeople, scientists, or HR leaders, they’ll learn a system that has worked for leaders of 61 of the Fortune 100 companies.

How to manage tension.

“It’s way beyond taking a big breath.”
Your team members will learn a body-mind approach that will help them feel at ease physically and get them in sync with their natural rhythms. Their speaking will flow, their thoughts will flow, and they will feel in command.

How to answer tough questions.

“Collaboration vs. combat.”
With our ABC approach, your leaders will learn how to respond in a way that is respectful, precise, and demonstrates the power of their thinking — on their feet or in their seat.


Day One

a.m. — The 7 Keys to Developing  Leadership Presence™: You will learn how to make style choices relevant to each audience.

—First Presentation: You will receive three-screen feedback from our communication coach and your peers using our PeerPolling™ feedback software.

p.m. — Core-Satellite System™ training: You will learn Anett Grant’s proven method for structuring presentations.

— Transition skills: You will learn Categories, a tool for helping you transition effectively.

Day Two

a.m. — Mastering Tension: You will learn how to use diaphragm breathing to reduce tension.

— Adding power to the Core-Satellite System™: You will learn additional skills for adding highlight.

p.m. — Integrating PowerPoint into the Core-Satellite System™

— Questions & Answers: You will learn how to answer questions with power and precision.


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