If you are looking for a speaking training program that will propel your career — from supervisor to manager, from manager to director, from contributor to leader…

If you are looking for a way to build your leadership presence and tell compelling stories that move beyond pretty PowerPoints…

If you are looking for a way to see how you really are perceived — outside your company culture…

Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360 will meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

Our Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360 open enrollment program will empower you to speak in presentations, meetings, and impromptu discussions with even more impact. You will learn how to be more effective, position ideas at the right level, and handle tough questions with grace and candor.

Our unique approach gives you immediate 360 feedback — from your peers via our PeerPolling© feedback software, from an 85-inch video screen, and from an expert communication coach. The result is a panoramic experience that will help you build leadership presence — faster, better.

You will learn Anett’s 7 Keys to Building Leadership© Presence to help you make changes that are genuine, intentional, and immediately visible. Then, you will learn the Core-Satellite System©, a proven visual mapping tool that will help you communicate complexity and develop more dynamic, flexible presentations. Finally, you will learn how to answer tough questions with ease, clarity, and respect.

At the end of the 2-day program, you will leave with the skills you need to be a great speaker in any situation.

Developing Personal Style

Do you have the leadership presence needed to command attention? In Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360, you will learn how to make choices about your speaking style — choices that will make you a more effective, authentic speaker. In addition, our program gives you the opportunity to see how you are perceived in terms of style and message with our panoramic, three-screen peer feedback experience.

Influencing Others

Can you instantly communicate ideas up, down, and across your organization? In Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360 we will give you the tools you need to position your ideas at the right level, structure your presentations strategically, and answer tough questions with grace and impact. Our three-screen feedback experience will help you understand both your speaking style and message clarity — essential for influencing others.

Leadership Presence


Do you have the presence to galvanize people, inspire confidence, and drive action? In Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360, you will learn skills to help you project the power of your thinking up, down, and across your organization. By receiving valuable peer feedback using our PeerPolling© software, as well as learning time-tested techniques for effective speaking, you will be able to drive agendas — faster.

Communicating Complexity

Can you speak with the clarity and precision necessary for communicating complexity without dumbing it down? In Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360, you will learn Anett Grant’s Core-Satellite System©, a proven tool that will help you structure your communication and organize complex issues into clear, meaningful messages. In addition, our PeerPolling© feedback software allows you to see just how well your messages are getting through — immediately.

Global Speaking

As a global leader, can you communicate complex ideas with clarity and project confidence? In Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360, you will learn how to communicate complexity with ease, precision, and spontaneity, whether English is your second, third, or fourth language. Our unique PeerPolling© feedback software allows you to get feedback in a respectful, meaningful way. By the end of the program, you will be able to influence decisions and establish credibility, whether in the board room, on a conference call, or even in an impromptu chat in the hallway.


At Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360, you will learn Anett Grant’s Core-Satellite System©, a proven visual mapping tool that will help you develop more dynamic, flexible presentations. By using the Core-Satellite System©, you will be able to get to the point faster, organize complex issues into clear meaningful messages, respond to questions with ease and flexibility, and handle interruptions smoothly.


At Executive Speaking, we capitalize on high-impact technology in every dimension of our training experience. For Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360, we’ve built a state-of-the-art studio designed to create the most immersive and engaging group experience possible. Our studio was built specifically for high-performance, high-level, high-impact training. We’ve developed a custom-designed PeerPolling© feedback software, three large screen video monitors for displaying both feedback and video playback, and high quality acoustics and lighting.


Every training concept and exercise you will learn at Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360 has been developed by Anett Grant, a leading authority on business communication and speaking training since 1979. When she founded Executive Speaking, Anett dedicated herself to learning about every dimension of executive communication in order to provide the best speaking coaching possible. She has worked with leaders from 61 of the Fortune 100 companies, as well as countless midmarket and small businesses from all over the world.

The 7 Keys to Developing Leadership Presence©

"You need to develop more leadership presence." Executives hear this all the time. But what does leadership presence actually mean? What does it look like? With Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360, you will learn Anett Grant's 7 Keys to Developing Leadership Presence©.


After you learn about the 7 Keys, you will use them to analyze other participants’ speaking styles using our PeerPolling© feedback software. The feedback is not judgmental. Rather, it provides actionable insights into how participants are perceived by their peers. The Keys also help you understand the need to be flexible in many different speaking situations. Overall, you will learn that leadership presence isn't just something you're born with; it's something that you can develop and control.


At Executive Speaking, we are committed to excellence and endless innovation. We have provided the highest quality coaching experience possible for the past 37 years — and we will continue our tradition of excellence and innovation for the next 37 years and beyond.

Whether you’re a leader from a major corporation, a midmarket company, or a small business, Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360 offers something for everyone.

You should attend Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360 if you want to…

  • Build your leadership presence
  • Communicate complexity with precision
  • Influence decisions up, down, and across your organization
  • Make more sales
  • Inspire others

Don’t put your career on hold any longer — sign up for one of our programs today.

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Leadership Speaking Bootcamp – 2-Day Agenda

Day One

a.m. — The 7 Keys to Developing  Leadership Presence©: You will learn how to make style choices relevant to each audience.

—First Presentation: You will receive three-screen feedback from our communication coach and your peers using our PeerPolling© feedback software.

p.m. — Core-Satellite System© training: You will learn Anett Grant’s proven method for structuring presentations.

— Transition skills: You will learn Categories, a tool for helping you transition effectively.

Day Two

a.m. — Mastering Tension: You will learn how to use diaphragm breathing to reduce tension.

— Adding power to the Core-Satellite System©: You will learn additional skills for adding highlight.

p.m. — Integrating PowerPoint into the Core-Satellite SystemTM

— Questions & Answers: You will learn how to answer questions with power and precision.

Marketing Sheet

Studio Two — Suite 2550

Located on the 25th floor of the RBC Plaza, Studio Two is our Leadership Speaking Bootcamp 360 facility. The lounge area of Studio Two features beautiful views of Minneapolis and the Mississippi River, as well as comfortable furniture and a spacious feeling of openness and light. Inside the studio, you’ll find an intimate but comfortable space, three large-screen monitors, and iPads — the ideal environment for open, inclusive speaking.